Bootlaw and Friends at the Europas Awards

Vote For Us Last year we were very chuffed to pick up the award for “Best Service Provider to Start-ups” at the inaugural Europas Awards, organised by Techcrunch Europe.   This year, in our new home, we’re pleased that we’re on the list again.  But more so, we’re delighted that so many of our loyal Bootlawyers, clients and other friends who we’ve got to know over the past 3 or 4 years have also made the list, so we thought we’d let you know who we’ll be rooting for on the night.

For “Best Business or Enterprise Startup” we’re pleased to see Damian Kimmelman’s Duedil make the cut.  We’ve also got an interest in the innovative financing platform, MarketInvoice – as Danvers is a member of its advisory board.  Also in this category is the fantastically successful Shutl, founded by startup veteran Tom Allason and TicketTailor, which impressed the judges at the last Techpitch4.5 event.

Best Advertising or Marketing Tech Startup” features Adavengers, set up by Bootlaw member Farhan Lalji and Conversocial, the Facebook management tool created by Joshua March, one of our early supporters.

For “Best European Startup Accelerator” we’re definitely biased in favour of Bizspark, as we were the first lawyers in the UK to sign up as Network Partners and have enjoyed several excellent Bizspark conferences – but hot on its heels is the fantastic Springboard programme, which we’re also pleased to support – and visited in Cambridge earlier this year.

In the category “Best Startup Tool For Startups“, we’re massive fans of the guys at GoSquared – who apart from making us feel ridiculously old, are doing great things at White Bear Yard, developing their awesome tool for live stats. But we can’t omit to mention, the bug tracking tool founded by Bootlaw regulars Rob Hudson and Bash Khan.

For “Best Entertainment, Audio, Video, Music Startup” we’ve only got one pick – MusicMetric – who we’ve represented for many years through several funding rounds.

Conversocial makes another appearance in “Best Social Platform or Networking Startup” but our loyalities in this category belong to Nick Halstead’s Datasift, which has been having a massively successful year, raising a $6m VC round in the US. 

Marketinvoice and Shutl reappear in “Best Commerce, Finance or Payments Startup” and are joined by Nadim Saad and Mark Peatey’s FinanceACar.

Best VC of the Year 2011” has a long list of entries, and we’ve sat across the table from many of them. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for Sean and Rogan at Profounders Capital – who have invested in our clients Keynoir and Citysocialising.

We’re not entirely sure how Bookingbug counts itself as a “Sport, Leisure or Health Startup” (although it does provide an excellent booking solution to businesses in those fields), but we’ll be cheering for Glenn Shoosmith and his team on the night anyway.

For “Best Culture (Fashion, Art etc) Startup“, our loyalties are divided between several Bootlaw regulars and friends, with EDITD, Girl Meets Dress and all up in this hotly contested category.

And finally, “The Europas Hero Award – Kicking Ass Globally From Europe” – here the competition looks fierce. Again, Datasift makes a well-deserved appearence but we are sure that Ali and Andy from Huddle will make a strong showing as well. We’re avid users of both Zopa and Moshi Monsters (well, our children love the monsters), but we remain very excited for the prospects of Tradeshift, which has just raised a massive $17m from Russian investors.

We’ll be there on 17 November – and hope to see many Bootlaw regulars enjoying the party, as well as picking up some prizes. Best of luck to all!

(and apologies to any Bootlawyers whose company we’ve inadvertently omitted)

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